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November 25, 2020 3:07 pm Published by Dave Scholes

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If anyone invites me to an event with a #BeMoreLancashire I am ALL in, as that is what we are all about.

This morning, as part of Lancashire Business Week, we Breakfast Blasted, Wellbeing and Inclusivity. It wasn’t quite Roast n Toast 😉 BUT it was a fabulous panel, with some real knowledge and person driven, positive desire for change.

Today’s Takeaways
Dave Scholes, director of Mindsight, said that having “a culture of care” was really important as ways of working and engaging had changed.

He told business leaders that it started with them looking after themselves, adding: “If you are doing okay you can start to invest in other people.”

He said that the pandemic meant people were missing having those “water cooler moments where you grab a brew and put the world to rights in five minutes.”

Dave stressed that it was important for business leaders to “start-up conversations” with their workers and to remember everyone was different and that their journeys would also be different.

Together Lancashire lads and lasses CAN make genuine, positive changes within our workplaces and beyond.

Read the full Review of our reet grand morning on the LBV Website.

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