Flipping the Focus

Mindsight is the genuine wellbeing conversation starter, with the backup to follow. The education, the support, the questions answered and the arm round.

It started with a story. A story of connection and loss. A story that shaped and moulded a genuine need for change.

Mindsight is ME and it’s YOU. It’s our desire to help. Our heart and our reason. That heart and reason aligns with others.

When it aligns YOU are Mindsight. ALL IN. ALL HEART!

What’s the Story?

In 2020, following 10 years of extensive shaping his own story, Dave launched Mindsight. A legacy for change.

Over the last few months we have flexed and grown. With an amazing delivery team, we have created genuine, people focused support for you and your people. We all have a story. Yours matters.

From personal experience, with time and the right help, everyone can learn more about managing their own mental health, what expert advice is available and what genuinely supporting others looks like.

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How Can We Help?

Dedicated to flipping the focus on mental health in and beyond the 9 to 5, we remove the stumbling blocks, ditch the tick box and reduce the stigma.

Always person centred, we start the conversations that need to happen.

We are different and we like that. Our solutions are for the many, not just the few. People want to help; we help them to start.

It’s not subtle. It can’t be!

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roast n’ toast

A weekly get together over a brew, roast ‘n’ toast has engaged 250+ individuals since it launched in 2020. A space of shared support, it is unique AND it is for YOU.

roast ‘n’ toast is bloody brilliant. Who are we to argue with that?

A space to feel comfortable and take time to breathe, roast ‘n’ toast has created a genuine culture of care across the county.

However you feel when you rock up, you feel better when you leave. Also true!

We are all experts in our own story. Come in loud or come in quiet, it’s up to you. Just Come as You Are.

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Six Connections

Invading the retail space with coffee, beer and support, Six Connections helps to kickstart the REAL conversations (that we all need) with our mates.

Developed from the concept of roast ‘n’ toast, Six Connections is our sister company.

Helping a mate who is struggling or reaching out yourself, when it gets a bit tough isn’t easy. With our convo products and support website as back up, we empower YOU to start the chat.

This is about normalising mental health conversations, in the pub or at the footy. Sometimes we just need the conversation to start.

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            [img_alt] => Awards season is 100% here!

Shame I look a bit of tool in a suit...I have no shoulders you see!

On the plus side we are super pleased to have been shortlisted for a couple of Selnet Ltd awards.

Start-up Social Enterprise of the Year
Lancashire’s Social Enterprise Champion 2021

Win or not, this seems like a decent achievement for year 1.

Thanks as always to my partner in crime Andi Lewis and to the countless others who keep telling us we are doing something right and shouting about it from the rooftops.

We are doing our very best...


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            [img_alt] => This week we are double toasting!

Join us on Day 3 of Lancashire Innovation Festival for a Roast 'n' Toast Special.

With special guest panellists, we'll be putting the social into innovation in our own unique style.

We'll be LIVE from Blackburn Youth Zone but you can join us online

1pm on Wednesday. Link in bio☝️

Bring yourself.
Bring your team.
Bring your lunch.

Only one rule #ComeAsYouAre

#LanIf21 #Community

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            [img_alt] => Last night on a Zoom call, I realised something I probably knew but haven't really vocalised before...

This IDEA of @six_cnnctns Roast 'n' Toast @mindsight_connect (business isn't what we do) has been built by other people.

It's not because I can't get my arse in gear or I'm short of ideas (honestly I've got one or two) but because people want their people to meet us and to be part of what we are trying to achieve. 

Why? Because they are part of it!

AND we are better for it!

This will ALWAYS, ALWAYS be a collaborative approach, added value for all involved and a shared journey.

We will be LOUD. It save lives.
We will be UNIQUE. It grabs interest.
AND we will be better for it.

I can honestly say, hand on ❤️ that we don't have any competition. We complement.

What a great way to live in a world that's fighting for it's place. We've found ours and it's for EVERYONE.

One word came up over and over again last night...AUTHENTIC!

If I'm ever not, please tell me because I'm building a legacy for someone based on it.

If you have a solo agenda, that's ok.
Crack on! I'm not your gent.

If this is bigger than you, will always be bigger than you and you want to save the world...hold on tight you WILL find us.


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            [img_alt] => Take a prop they said...


Great morning interviewing for the @lancashirebusinessview Red Rose Awards 🌹

Our first ever nomination and our first ever appearance in front of the panel. Thanks for being so nice.

Will we win?
I've no idea!

BUT we gave it our best shot, poured out our hearts and I did it with my mate @tonygreenwood

I think it's fair to say there won't be another presentation like ours.

That's what we do!
See you in November. 

Thanks @positive_culture_architect @mikeyjwalker for holding the ship steady while we acted the goat!

We are bringing our SQUAD!

#Goat #PoweredByMates #FlippingTheFocus #RRA21

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            [img_alt] => Tomorrow it's 10 years since I lost my best mate to suicide. Mindsight is his legacy. 

Today on #SuicidePreventionDay we were nominated for 2 Red Rose Awards for what we are working so hard to achieve. 

We aren't big (yet), we're still finding our way BUT we will achieve what we set out to do.

To be recognised alongside so many brilliant and more established organisations means so much. 

Thank you @lancashirebusinessview View 


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            [media_full_res] => https://scontent-lcy1-1.cdninstagram.com/v/t51.2885-15/230474037_864291921130857_8565410120754335003_n.jpg?_nc_cat=109&ccb=1-5&_nc_sid=8ae9d6&_nc_ohc=DPOxnlJNcfsAX-N1tWA&_nc_oc=AQngtkWlCRAgJC_DzT2lefnm8ThI1Lx5TlIpYOykPhR222BdhAtC9hmHOUBNtNEIgk8&_nc_ht=scontent-lcy1-1.cdninstagram.com&edm=AM6HXa8EAAAA&oh=486a35c759ec4330568a3249730da1b6&oe=61B298F5
            [img_alt] => We can't argue with that!

AND this was after one week.

63 weeks in we must be doing something right...

A space to breathe.
To come as you are.

With likeminded people...mates...

It's an easy concept.

1. Turn up on Zoom (DM for details).
2. Sit back and listen or contribute with your story.
3. Grab some insight from some amazing people.
4. Crack on with your day feeling GREAT!

That's roast 'n' toast.

JOIN US every Wednesday at 9:30am.

It's not rocket science BUT it is bloody brilliant!

#FlippingTheFocus #ComeAsYouAre

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            [img_alt] => It seems like the world and his wife have been winning awards this week!

Congrats to all our chums on your success. Knowing the amount of effort that goes into your businesses, everyone has been 100% deserved.

But as you know we like to be a little different...or we aren't quite ready to win awards yet...you decide!

So we gave one out!

This year we have had the pleasure of sponsoring the first ever Edufuturists Mental Health Champion award.

In short, an award for an individual in education who is making a difference, flipping the focus and supporting people.

The event was amazing, nominations were global, Elon Musk's space school founder rocked up (check it out if you don't know what i'm on about) and in the midst of all that Cat Lamin won.

Amongst many other things Cat spent lockdown setting up virtual staff rooms for educators just to come, take a breather and support each other. Roast n Toast for teachers if you will, but with her own brilliantly unique style.

Thanks to the team at Edufuturists for adding us to the mix and to Cat for just being brilliant.

Watch this space education...we are coming!

#Education #MentalHealth #FlippingTheFocus

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            [img_alt] => Join Jenny and Dave tomorrow as they share their thoughts and help to ensure that you don’t waste money on wellbeing.

Date: Tuesday 13 July
Time: 11am-12pm
Venue: Zoom

We will be chatting about the reasons why wellbeing support often struggles to get off the ground – and what we can do to change that.

Looking at the wellbeing services available.

Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) + alternatives.

How to identify, source and implement support options and how to avoid common pitfalls.

It's a BIG topic, so we are hitting it head ON!

Register now in BIO 👆

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            [link] => https://www.instagram.com/p/CQa0kWShoxu/
            [media_src_set] => {"d":"https:\/\/scontent-lcy1-1.cdninstagram.com\/v\/t51.29350-15\/204534373_508999833771135_1287829783644958838_n.jpg?_nc_cat=103&ccb=1-5&_nc_sid=8ae9d6&_nc_ohc=WbOqfWSF2HEAX8lq4BQ&_nc_ht=scontent-lcy1-1.cdninstagram.com&edm=AM6HXa8EAAAA&oh=af733b8b35798eab627c18437e085e75&oe=61B21F17","150":"https:\/\/www.instagram.com\/p\/CQa0kWShoxu\/media?size=t","320":"https:\/\/www.instagram.com\/p\/CQa0kWShoxu\/media?size=m","640":"https:\/\/scontent-lcy1-1.cdninstagram.com\/v\/t51.29350-15\/204534373_508999833771135_1287829783644958838_n.jpg?_nc_cat=103&ccb=1-5&_nc_sid=8ae9d6&_nc_ohc=WbOqfWSF2HEAX8lq4BQ&_nc_ht=scontent-lcy1-1.cdninstagram.com&edm=AM6HXa8EAAAA&oh=af733b8b35798eab627c18437e085e75&oe=61B21F17"}
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            [img_alt] => 'You Don't Have To Be An Expert To Help People'

Really? Are YOU sure?

I know that goes against the norm but before you disagree, please have a listen to a podcast I did recently with my pal John Borland

There's 10 years of thought behind my approach and a story or two to back it up...

Do you ever avoid asking your friends how they are, because you don’t know what to do with the answer? 

When we struggle to know what to do when other people talk openly about their mental health, we sometimes do something even more unhelpful - we stop asking. 

It’s ok if you don’t know what to do with the answer, just be there and listen, often that’s enough, or at least a starting point. But please don’t ever stop asking.

Listen now on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Link☝️

NB. These are my mates! They might not look like experts, but they are mine :)

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            [img_alt] => HOW'S WORK?


It's definitely DIFFERENT!

Join US and Boost this Friday at 9:30am to take some time for YOU!

Focus on your new  purpose, productivity, agility and flexibility.

Bringing home and office back together and making positive cultural change.

Be inspired and shape your next chapter for you, your people and your business. A connection of real purpose

Interactive, action led workshop will offer you advice, challenge, support and new tools for your kit, an opportunity to be open and honest with your own story and explore ways to stimulate a real conversation starter.

Educate your head
Engage your heart
Empower your habits


#Boost #BoostyourRecovery #Collaboration #RoadmaptoRecovery #Teams #Integration #Mindset #Leadership #HR #FlippingTheFocus

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            [img_alt] => There’s No I in Team…⠀
Actually, there is. The I that is you and every single member of your team.⠀
Everyone is different. ⠀
Whether you are returning to work, integrating your teams back into a single office or navigating a new split location, this is all about the 1%. It starts with you.⠀
We are pleased to be partnering with Boost, for Direction of Connection, which will take place on Friday 28th May. An event around mindset and returning to the workplace.⠀
•	Integrating teams back into the workplace.⠀
•	Supporting team members who have been in the workplace throughout.⠀
•	Engaging with those that now feel distant.⠀
•	Facilitating this in a way that benefits everyone.⠀
Most of all it’s about looking after you, as a team leader/manager. ⠀
To find out more and to book your place, please follow bio link.

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            [img_alt] => THE BIG 50!

THREE YEARS AGO, I sat at the top of a mountain in The Lakes, with a bit of an idea. Unshaped, unstructured and in the midst of a few of my own bits and bobs. Looking out at a landscape, some of which I had just conquered but mostly at a landscape that provided much more opportunity.

ONE YEAR AGO, I sat in my office in Burnley, with a bit of an idea. Unshaped, unstructured and in the midst of a few of my own bits and bobs. Looking out at a landscape, some of which I had just conquered but mostly at a landscape that provided much more opportunity.

12 months ago roast 'n' toast was born. Here we are 50 episodes later (we had a Christmas chill).

A space created in an uncertain landscape, full of opportunity (most of which was unknown).

100's of people sharing stories, conquering some stuff and looking out over their own landscape to plan the next part of their journey.

Most of all roast 'n' toast has helped me. 

I've added connections, not just colleagues.
Taken time to breathe into a business and not just rush a project.
Built something driven by purpose not following the noise.
Got it right AND got it wrong (that's ok).

I used to get caught up in the numbers and needing to know what we were doing was ok. roast 'n' toast is our OK!

Thank you to everyone who has built, attended, shared, sat loud, sat quiet, been once or been every week. Thank you for the public shoutouts and the hidden 'are you ok?' Some have done lot's others have just passed through. EVERYONE is now a connection.

If we haven't seen you for a while, it would be great to see your face. If you haven't toasted before, drop me a message and get involved. There's only ONE RULE...Come As You Are.

#ComeAsYouAre #FlippingTheFocus #SixConnections #RoastNToast #Wellbeing #MentalHealth

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            [img_alt] => Tonight is LAUNCH NIGHT⠀
Roast 'n' Toast 2.0 ⠀
A unique space full of supportive conversation.⠀
Grab a brew (or a beer) and come and chat about your day.⠀
A place to genuinely COME AS YOU ARE!⠀
'One of the best parts of my week. I know that I’m fully accepted as I am on that day, with real life, positive mental health support thrown in for good measure'.⠀
Chill out for an hour on a Monday evening with our new host Elaine.⠀
More space - same Roast 'n' Toast.⠀
DM to join this week's 6:30pm Zoom chat.⠀
#RoastNToast #FlippingTheFocus #ComeAsYouAre

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            [img_alt] => ROAST N TOAST 2.0
We are going again!
Launching this Monday at 6:30pm

It’s almost 12 months since we launched what we thought would be a coffee chat for a few weeks.

What we actually created was a unique space of trust and support, fun and conversation.

A place to genuinely COME AS YOU ARE!

It’s an environment where I feel as comfortable, if not more comfortable talking about my mental health than I do with some of my lifelong friends.

I know however I’m feeling when I join, I’ll always be better when I leave. The people and the conversation are what make it.

One of the best parts of my week. I know that I’m fully accepted as I am on that day, with real life, positive mental health support thrown in for good measure.

As things change (AGAIN), we know Wednesday mornings won’t work for everyone, so we bring you Roast n Toast 2.0.

An additional space.
An additional time.
Same Roast 'n' Toast.

Come to one, come to both, come for the first time, come with a mate…COME AS YOU ARE.

DM to join the party!

#RoastNToast #FlippingTheFocus #Wellbeing #MentalHealth #RealConversations

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            [img_alt] => Is WORK work?⠀
Is home HOME?⠀
Do you WORK from home?⠀
Do you HOME from work?⠀
WORK / LIFE balance has been challenged over the last 12 months. ⠀
Personally i'm all about LIFE BALANCE.⠀
BUT it divides opinion.⠀
Has the focus flipped?⠀
Have you changed or has it?⠀
If there is an answer, can you help your staff to figure it out or is this way beyond your control?⠀
For more healthy musings, join me at the Lancashire Health and Wellbeing Conference 2021.⠀
Brilliantly executed by Lancashire Business View, it's a who's who of some of our county's best wellbeing organisations. All very different but ALL wanting to help you to bring out the best in you and your people. ⠀
8th April - 10:00 till 12:00⠀
Visit the LBV website for a FREE place.⠀
#HWC21 #FlippingTheFocus

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            [img_alt] => TOUR DATE ANNOUNCEMENT⠀
Thursday 8th April 2021⠀
Lancashire Health and Wellbeing Conference⠀
Hosted by Lancashire Business View⠀
Next week we are joining a panel of amazing organisations from across Lancashire, to help businesses to support themselves, their teams and each other.⠀
Expertise & Insight⠀
Best Practice Advice⠀
Practical Solutions⠀
"Employee health and wellbeing had been rising on the agenda for many businesses, but the global pandemic has accelerated it to the forefront of many employers’ minds. We have brought together experts who will be able to support Lancashire businesses as they rise to the next challenges and provide practical advice which attendees can begin to implement within their own organisations right away.” ⠀
Richard Slater - Lancashire Business View⠀
Knowing the majority of the panel well, this event is a who's who of help and support. ⠀
We all face our own challenges and the more support tools in our tool kit the better. ⠀
We of course will be bringing our own unique approach of story, heart and swagger.⠀
Please put this in the diary for you AND your team.⠀

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            [img_alt] => MASSIVE NEWS LANDING TOMORROW!⠀
Our BIGGEST to date.⠀
Our BEST to date.⠀
WHEN: Wednesday 24th March at 9:30 am⠀
WHERE: The Roast n Toast Zoom Room⠀
If you've never toasted.⠀
If you haven't toasted for a while.⠀
If you are just nosey...⠀
This is a BEAUTY...you will LOVE IT!⠀
JOIN US tomorrow. DM for Zoom details.⠀

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            [img_alt] => Happy Valentine’s Day! ⠀
Weird day, right?⠀
Great if you’re all loved up, not so great if you’re not!⠀
Cupid’s arrow floating into your heart of smacking you full on in the eye!⠀
I’ve always felt V’Day has a STIGMA attached to it…and it’s not the only thing.⠀
1.a mark of shame or disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person.⠀
STIGMA CAN and WILL steal hearts.⠀
That is why we are bigging up STIGMA Clothing.
Not only because Jordan Wilson has stolen our heart ;) ⠀
They are doing their best to create awareness⠀
Breakdown barriers to reduce stigma across society⠀
Giving back and looking great doing it⠀
Profits from all clothing sales are donated to various different organisations who are trying their best to address various types of stigma. ⠀
This month it’s Mindsight and we are very grateful!⠀
It would be great if you can make a purchase, but if not check out the site, share with a mate or just get on board for the ride…it will be a belter!⠀
Everyone can change someone's world!⠀

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            [img_alt] => A little Welsh Wizardry⠀
Mindsight is different. I think we've all grasped that by now!⠀
It's is a heart business.⠀
Here to help and support.⠀
We aren’t stats - we are the SOCIAL bit of the media.⠀
Recently we introduced Vlog, Blog or Jog.⠀
Our Friday contribution (or not).⠀
It might be me.⠀
It might be someone else contributing⠀
I might just go for a run and social can jog on!⠀
There’s no point Mindsight talking about looking after yourself, if I don’t do it!⠀
Video, words or exercise…they are all good.⠀
Today it’s the superb Neil Welsh⠀
'In recent years I have accepted that my emotional / feeler characteristics can be positive but continue to feel like a curse at times. I struggle to think or feel without an accompanying mental image or metaphor and so I see in pictures. Learning that the first picture isn’t the only, or final picture in any given situation is a work in progress. Why am I writing this? Well at the moment it feels like I do fit in.'⠀
So today sit back with a brew and enjoy a little bit of Welsh Wizardry ⠀
#FlippingFriday #RoastNToast #FlippingTheFocus #Vlog #Blog #Jog

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            [img_alt] => I’ve fallen out with social media…⠀
There I’ve said it!!!⠀
Just before Christmas I stopped enjoying talking about what we do (my favourite thing)⠀
Writing because I felt I had to.⠀
Because the algorithms needed me to.⠀
Because businesses only grow with regular social content…right!!!⠀
I’ve been in the marketing game for years and I knew all this…⠀
Mindsight is different.⠀
It's is a heart business.⠀
Here to help and support.⠀
We aren’t stats - we are the SOCIAL bit of the media.⠀
Things had to change!⠀
Roast n Toast this week was all about flipping the New Year’s Resolution to a NEW YEAR’S REVOLUTION.⠀
So, in the spirit of Les Mis…allow me to introduce Vlog, Blog or Jog.⠀
Our Friday contribution (or not). ⠀
It might be me.⠀
It might be someone else – Today it’s the fab Louise Atkinson…have a read on our website...
I might just go for a run and social can jog on!⠀
Video, words or exercise…they are all good.⠀
There’s no point me talking about looking after yourself, if I don’t do it!⠀
It’s still Flipping Friday and you’ll still get plenty of chatter BUT...⠀
Heart Driven⠀
Let me know your thoughts. I’m sure there are multiple opinions. ⠀
Ps. If I’m being a muppet, please let me know!⠀
#FlippingFriday #RoastNToast #FlippingTheFocus #Vlog #Blog #Jog